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Are You?
• 18 years old or older
• Very thirsty
• Urinating frequently
• Losing weight
• Hungry
• Irritable
• Extremely tired

Do You Have?
• Blurry vision
• Tingling or numbness in your hands or feet
• Frequent skin, bladder, or gum infections
• Cuts or wounds that don't heal

In some cases, there are no symptoms this happens sometimes with type 2 diabetes.

In this case, people can live for months, even years without knowing they have the disease. This form of diabetes comes on so gradually that symptoms may not even be recognized.

Risk Factors
Having family members with diabetes, being overweight or obese, having high cholesterol, having high blood pressure, women who developed diabetes while pregnant, and people who are not physically active.

The risk of developing diabetes also increases as people get older. People who are over 40 and overweight are more likely to develop diabetes.

Diabetes is more common among: Native Americans (American Indians), African Americans(Blacks),Hispanic Americans (Latinos), Asian Americans, or Pacific Islanders

You may be at risk for Type 2 Diabetes and
should talk to your doctor

If you want to have a screening and blood test at no cost to see if you have increased blood glucose (sugar), please contact Ashley at:

Oakwood Family Physicians

Oakwood Family Care